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  • Tile walls, bathtubs, and showers cleaned and disinfected
  • Shower doors cleaned and disinfected
  • Vanity and sink cleaned and disinfected
  • Mirrors and chrome fixtures cleaned and shined
  • Floors washed and disinfected / carpets vacuumed (all floors hand mopped unless noted)
  • Toilets cleaned and disinfected
  • Remove mildew from showers and tubs
  • Cobwebs & Heatwebs removed
  • Outside of cabinets washed (lemon oil on request)
  • Clean all baseboards, window sills, and door frames

Kitchen & Eating Areas

  • Counter tops cleaned
  • Outside of stove hood cleaned
  • Top and front of stove cleaned
  • Drip pans cleaned
  • Sinks cleaned and disinfected, fixtures shined
  • All appliances disinfected and cleaned on the outside
  • Clean inside of stove (if requested)
  • Clean inside microwave (every time)
  • Sweep and mop all floors and rugs (lift rugs and vacuum/mop underneath)
  • Clean storm doors and sliding glass doors


  • Webster for cobwebs and heatwebs
  • Clean baseboards, window sills, and door frames
  • Clean blinds
  • Dust everything (coffee tables, TVs, furniture)
  • Vacuum/Mop all floors
  • Clean storm doors and sliding glass doors
  • Lift any rugs and vacuum/mop underneath. (If rug is too big, lift edges and get as much as possible.)

Deep Cleaning

  • Clean light fixtures
  • Move furniture and vacuum underneath
  • Vacuum all furniture, underneath cushions, etc.
  • Edge all carpets

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